Friday, August 15, 2008

"Detroit will not be ready to rock until the catering crew tell it it's ready to rock"

David Draiman of Disturbed suggests that some people backstage at Ozzfest might be a little too in love with themselves:

. Ozzfest had kind of grown into this very "separated" thing for a while. It didn't start out that way, but it grew ... maybe there were too many egos running around, and I'm not even talking about the bands. And I'm not talking about Sharon (Osbourne), either. It always seemed to me that the people who thought they were rock stars were, like, the people running the tour — not the people who were actually playing. It was like, "Remember, you're working for us. You get paid because we fill seats." So if I ask you to let people come up and watch us, and if I (tell you that) we don't care, and if I let you know we want everyone to be there, then just let it happen and stop being a **** about it.

Perhaps it's a side-effect of standing near Sharon Osbourne. Maybe ego is contagious.