Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Burial with a capital B

Today's Bizarre column is stuffed with breasts - Kate Moss on a photoshoot (model does modeling - hold the front page); Uma Thurman down a long lens; Oasis announcing an extra date.

Let us, instead, turn to the current Private Eye, which explores the surprising appearance of a five-month-old Burial interview in Gordon's column, introduced with a claim that Burial had "conducted a Bizarre phone interview". When Guardian writer Dan Hancox asked Gordon to explain how a chat with him became a talk with Smart's column, Gordon replied by blaming it on the subs:

Bizarre was lower case when I left the office. A bad mistake which I have slapped the wrists of a sub for. No ill-intentions I can assure you."

What a shame Gordon chose to use a word to describe the perfectly normal interview that was the same as the title of his column - who knew that could cause confusion? And, presumably the same "sub" excised the words "with The Guardian five months ago" from Smart's copy - after all, there wasn't the ill intention of trying to pass off someone else's work from last winter as a new interview, so there can be no other explanation for the failure to credit the piece.


Unknown said...

"Today's Bizarre column is stuffed with breasts - Kate Moss on a photoshoot (model does modeling - hold the front page); Uma Thurman down a long lens; Oasis announcing an extra date."

Surely that should be " stuffed with boobs"?

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

It's web 2.0 - you're free to add your own synonym for breasts. I was thinking tits when I wrote it, mind.

Unknown said...

Nobody can argue that Noel Gallagher isn't a tit, but I don't think it can be claimed that he has been abreast of anything that has happened in the past four decades.

Anonymous said...

That's a tad unfair - I personally think Noel Gallagher has an excellent grasp on popular culture and has a valid, witty opinion on any element of today's society that you care to name.

Well, either that or he's able to parrot back variations of 'It's crap!' at a list of artists, bands and TV shows read out by a Radio 1 breakfast DJ fishing for tabloid-friendly soundbites, like Spitting Image's David Baddiel puppet brought to life, regardless of whether or not he's actually aware of the subjects in question ("Chuckle Brothers presenting Crimewatch? They were terrible!").

Ahahaha... 'Scouting For Idiots'... Priceless...

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