Monday, August 04, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Raving over Dave

Gordon Smart can hardly believe how popular David Beckham is:

KIDS in America have voted DAVID BECKHAM their No1 sports idol — just a year after he arrived to woo them.

Nearly two out of three chose the LA Galaxy star as best athlete of 2008, ahead of national heroes including basketball ace KOBE BRYANT and golfer TIGER WOODS.

Of course, his Teen Choice award had nothing to do with willingness to turn up to accept the Teen Choice award.

Gordo is also thrilled at another "honour" for Beckham:
Becks — snapped in a suit beside a boxing ring — is pictured on both the front AND back cover of the US version of Men’s Health, the top-selling men’s mag in the States.

In other words, Beckham has appeared on the first copy of Men's Health that they've not been able to sell the back cover to advertisers - an honour on a par with, say, being the first guest on a TV show where all the advertising slots are filled with public service announcements.

Still, this is fascinating:
More than 20 million viewers will watch him receive it from Hannah Montana star MILEY CYRUS on prime-time TV tonight.

Oh. It turns out "it" is actually the Teen Choice award.

Meanwhile, Keane have given Gordon a treat. I say treat:
And even though I have been a fierce critic of their canon of heart-stirring rock ballads in the past, the chaps gave me the first listen of the new album Perfect Symmetry.

Gordon likes their new music. But, unfortunately, he chooses to describe liking Keane like this:
It feels like confessing to dressing up as a woman at weekends...

So: being a TV is something you should be ashamed of, is it, Gordon?