Friday, August 15, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Sniggers with attitude

Fair's fair: we did have a little smile at the story on Gordon's page this morning:

Doherty's 8hr visit to dealer

Antiques, you see. It's not Stephen Fry witty, but it's mildly amusing. Especially since the story has nothing to it and was clearly only there because of the headline.

No, really nothing to it:
The BABYSHAMBLES star, 29, called in at Fanny’s Antiques at 10am and didn’t leave until 6pm.

He bought relics including a Union Flag, picture frames and old clothes in Reading, Berks.

Doherty loaded the haul into his battered Jag — which needed a jump start.

Local Jo Cannon, 29, said: “Most people have a snigger at the name of the shop but Pete was far more interested in the stuff inside.”

They needed a local to point out that the name might make people snigger? And they found a local who used the word "snigger"?

Gordon also has the story about the holidaymaker who taped the new U2 album when he heard it coming out of one of Bono's villas. Up it went onto YouTube.

Curiously, rather than embedding the YouTube video, The Sun have copied the thing over to their own servers, which you would have thought violated two different sets of copyright. And if U2 did agree to the paper republishing the music, then that would suggest this isn't quite the "leak" it's being made out to be.

However, since the videos on YouTube are now mute - meaning there are four videos which consist of nothing more than silent still of the outside of a house - suggests that Rupert Murdoch is currently violating Bono's copyright. Let's hope the BPI don't send a van round or anything.

Gordon, anyway, is quite excited:
Most families have a bit of Club Tropicana by WHAM! rattling out of a tinpot stereo on their hols.

But the music idol is quite rightly proud of his abilities and was playing tracks from the Oirish band’s eagerly awaited new release.

Oirish? Oh, dear.

They've also mocked up a - hold your sides now, a U2Tube logo.