Monday, August 11, 2008

Gordon in the morning: So scared she hid for a full quarter

Gordon Smart outdoes himself this morning, claiming that Lily Allen has run away from a head-to-head:

A TRANSATLANTIC chart battle has kicked off between LILY ALLEN and KATY PERRY.

Yank newcomer Katy’s first UK-released album, One Of The Boys, is out next month.

And it’s put the wind up Lily so badly that she has shelved her own album launch.

Stuck On The Naughty Step – the follow-up to Lil’s hit 2006 debut Alright, Still – had been expected out this month but will now be held back until next year.

Really? Who, exactly, had been expecting the album this month? The lead single isn't even planned until September. And if the worry is Katy Perry's album, is it really such a behemoth that it will cast a shadow over not only the last two weeks in August - backwards, apparently - but also over the last three months of the year?

Gordon also has a look at the cover of the new Oasis single. It's not, sadly, Liam in a pair of tight jeans, but Smart puts a brave face on it:
Oasis artwork is simply electric

Apocalypse new ... Oasis' single sleeve artwork

It's not any good, of course; it looks like some sort of horrible collage done by a child with access to only one magazine to raid for pictures. It's hard to say for sure, though, because despite trumpeting about it being "a world exclusive", Smart manages to run the picture with the top and bottom sliced off. Perhaps the Gallaghers had given another website a world exclusive first not-like-looking-through-a-letterbox look.