Thursday, August 07, 2008

Iron Maiden: No, seriously, don't call it a comeback

Iron Maiden have thrown a little strop and demanded their names be removed from the shortlist for the Vodaphone Live Music Awards.

The band are humped they were up for 'best live return':

In a message on their web site, the band told people not to cast votes for them because they "are not quite sure where we are returning from.

"We have asked them to remove us from the nominations and they have done this," the message adds.

The event organisers, we're given to understand, admitted they'd been dubious about including Iron Maiden in the category in the first place, although it wasn't words 'live return' they'd been unsure about.


Olive said...

I don't see what their objection is- their latest tour is supposed to be a note for note recreation of their 1985 Powerslave tour, so the award category could've been tailor made for them. Maiden are a fantastic live band- I actually saw them on that very tour. There. I've said it. Stop looking at me like that.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Bearing this in mind, Olive, I'll just remove the sharp objects from the room - oh, and I'll need your shoelaces, too...

Anonymous said...

Once again im forced to reference the unlistenable oh-so-fucking-hip shite you regularly ra-ra on this site. Iron Maiden are a good live band who have never been away. I think thats the point here. Another sneering story from a sad man.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Someone's forcing you to do that, are they? I've heard about this enforced blog-commenting, where people are held in rooms and made to comment...

Still, that has to be the case because otherwise, you've just posted a message which is, in effect, "I like different music to the music you like".

Olive said...

There could be a logo in that- the words "No Rock: ra-raing unlistenable hip shite since 1998" in a circle around a graphic of a lemur with his thumb up.

Anonymous said...

Me again ra-ra man.
Two words from this morning's perusal of your blog. Thompson. Twins.
I win.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Yes. My liking the Thompson Twins really does prove how much I love "oh-so-fucking hip shite". It's true - I only pretend to like them so I fit in with all those kids wearing Quickstep And Sidekick branded trucker caps down the Mall. I only really got into them because they used The Lewis Carol in an iPod ad.

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