Tuesday, August 12, 2008

MySpace friend requests repeatedly deleted

Trouble over at MySpace, as it gears up for another relaunch attempting to turn it from music promo tool to cash-generating music retail site: The Deal reports that it's having trouble tempting someone to take the CEO chair at MySpace Music (we're given to understand the large ejector button next to the chair itself might be the problem.)

Making things worse, the technical team pulling together the site is - again, according to The Deal - starting to smell a little burny as it rushes to meet a September deadline for launch; they're not keen on the idea of a CEO turning up right now, full of ideas, demanding changes and generally earning their living by making the tech team's life even more miserable.

I've not seen an official denial from MySpace that any such strains are appearing, but I guess we can imagine exactly the sort of statement doing the denying and take that as read, yes?