Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The yawning gap in Western Culutre identified; J-Lo to fill

No, no, it's not the long-afeared news of Legally Blonde: The Series, but the next "best" thing: Jennifer Lopez is going to executive produce a TV series spun out of Maid In Manhattan.

"Executive produce" is a technical term used in American television to indicate a person who receives a large cheque in return for their name appearing in the credits.

Obviously, the central story in the original Maid In Manhattan - something to do with an unconvincing maid having an unconvincing relationship with an actor planning to fire his agent - was resolved, and so the TV series will have to be different:

"The show is a different maid in a different Manhattan," pilot-writer Chad Hodge told the Hollywood Reporter.

A different Manhattan? Like the one in Montana, perhaps? Or does Hodge mean a different different, like with Spooks Code Nine, set in the same place, but one psychologically different - in Spooks' case, due to a disaster survived only by refugees from Hollyoaks.
Hodge says Lopez has contributed “a fountain of ideas” to the pilot and series.

We're given to understand he actually meant she'd contributed an idea about a fountain, and how it would be great if the cast could all dance about in one during the opening titles.