Thursday, September 04, 2008

Andy Kershaw on the run

There's not been much heard of Andy Kershaw in the last couple of months - it turns out that he'd gone to ground after again breaking the terms of court orders to not have contact with his ex-partner.

Kershaw gives a trying-not-to-sound-too-bitter interview to today's Independent; it's not any less heartbreaking this time around and - with bungled attempts to hide from police, and periods of sleeping rough - it's got a little worse. And while you can understand his need to sound off, complaining about the BBC for not paying him while, erm, he hasn't been at work for six months, and having a pop at the Isle of Man police isn't really going to help make things better.

Worse, the detailing of what went wrong between him and his partner in a national paper isn't a sign that he's moving on, either. He should be on the radio, not sleeping on the streets, but instead of a route back he's traipsing over and over old ground.


Anonymous said...

What a twat you are! Andy just wants to see his kids! How is there any "moving on" from that?!

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Leaving aside your charming way of starting a debate, the only way Andy is going to be given legal access to his kids in the future is by getting his life back. Unless you seriously believe that his current problems are best solved by hiding from the police and sleeping rough, I'm not quite sure how you'd argue that staying in the position he's currently in would help either him, his kids, or anyone who's worried about him.

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