Monday, September 29, 2008

Arnie far too busy to save future Donda Wests

Arnold Schwarzenegger - who is still California's governor as it turns out that wasn't all a dream after all - managed to build up a legislative backlog during the time it took to sort out the state budget. As a result, he's decided he's just going to veto a whole slew of bills because, frankly, he can't be arsed to find the time to do his job properly and, given the choice between listening to the democratically-elected representatives of the people and, you know, his plans, he's going with the plans.

There's an insane number of bills falling because of the Republican's time crunch, but amongst them is what's been known as the Donda West bill. Introduced in response to the death of Kanye West's mother, the legislation would have called for cosmetic surgery patients to be given a medical and a doctor's clearance before undegroing any procedures. Apparently, Schwarzenegger doesn't consider this to be a priority, and isn't going to let saving people's lives keep him from the golf course.