Wednesday, September 10, 2008

At last - Caleb Kings talks sense

I can nod wholeheartedly and genuinely with Caleb Followill when he says Sex On Fire was a rubbish idea:

"I just had this melody and I didn't know what to say. Then one day I just sang "this sex is on fire" and I laughed. I thought it was terrible, but the rest of the band were like, 'it's good, it's got a hook'. I was like 'fuck off!' but I ended up writing it," he said.

Of course, we do split again when he decides it was worth recording the song.

Apparently, it's all down to the sex factor:
"There's an element of sex that's expected in our songs so I tried to wrap it all up in one song. If you read the lyrics you'll find it's got some quite visual lyrics in it. It's a pretty sexy song actually, but I knew after writing 'Sex On Fire', I couldn't write verses about making out, or going to the movie theatre with a girl," he said.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't really think I've ever looked to Kings Of Leon for an element of sex. Indeed, they're so far removed from sex that typing 'kings of leon' into Google actually has the same effect of installing a porn filter on your computer.