Friday, September 12, 2008

Dave Pearce arrives at 6Music

The brief description he gives of his plans at least suggests he's going to be throwing his net a little wider than he did on Radio One, but even so: Dave Pearce's Dance Anthems doesn't feel a comfortable fit for 6Music.

Talking of uncomfortable:

Dance Anthems orginally aired on Sunday evenings on Radio 1 when it began in 1997, although more recently it has been broadcast on Fridays.

Radio One began in 1997? What? Eh?


Jim W said...

And I thought Shaun Keaveny wasn't up to scratch when he joined. Finally jumped the shark?

The line up of:

-Phill Juptitus
-Gideon Coe
-Vic McGlyn
-Andrew Collins

was basically every indiekid, Guardian reader's perfect lineup - and equally the reason for its downfall. In the post-George Lamb era I forget that A-level essays were punctuated by the calming voice of Gideon introducing a lengthy discussion on the featured session by some Sarah Records artist.

On National Radio.

Like, with a proper budget and coverage and everything.

Given the brief to introduce music to a wider audience it's a shame that the more interesting presenters who actually give a shit (Riley, Coe) have been shunted to the evenings. More criminal is an increasing reliance on a bland playlist. Y'know - they used to put unsigned bands on the A-list straight away and actually have an effect. Now it's just an expanded version of Radio 1's indie selections.

Anonymous said...

Nah, Keaveney being put on the breakfast show was jumping the shark. Swapping Gideon Coe for Lamb (and I can barely stand to type that much of that person's name) was finding out that they didn't have quite enough momentum to jump the shark, and ending up in the water being torn limb from limb. Everything since has just been a minor indignity; this is the equivalent of someone poking at the remains with a stick on the quayside.

Anonymous said...

Radio 6 really do seem to hate their own listeners don't they. What next, Kelly Osborne hosting a dating show, Alex Zane and his hilarious songs about rape, Pete Waterman and Dr. Fox?

Jack said...

The Freak Zone has been cut by half an hour too. The full schedule is here, at the end.

Who on earth does a 90 minute show? (Ignoring Sarah Kennedy, but that's only because that's the longest she can stay out of the pub). The weekends are a complete mess. I wouldn't be surprised if there's another "shakeup" in a month's time where they realise they can't afford Steven "can't get a slot on Radio 2 so we'll shove him on the sister station waiting for Ken Bruce to die" Merchant, or get rid of Jon Richardson.

Perhaps Dave Pearce had a long term contract with BBC Radio and they had to find him a slot somewhere?

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Interesting to see the Queens of Noize have been downsized, but not quite dispatched - there's a bit of a feeling with 6 at the moment that there's a lot of people who have been given shows that haven't worked and are now being shoved about to try and find something for them to do.

That has to be the most poorly conceived schedule I've seen for some time - and I'm not happy about losing thirty minutes of the Freak Show to make way for a pointless Huey Morgan programme.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Freak Zone, even.

Jack said...

They've dropped the 6Music Chart too. I'm surprised that wasn't done long ago, since I never quite managed to work out how it was worked out.

CarsmileSteve said...

surely 6music's dance anthems would go:

love cats
how soon is now
there's no other way
fool's gold
step on
size of a cow
sherriff fatman
blue monday
where's me jumper?

every week, just like when the majority of listeners used to go out dancing...

Mark James said...

the huey morgan show is not pointless.

if your a real music fan you would know where he is coming from

Jim W said...

I only like fake music thanks.

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