Monday, September 08, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Amy to take a break

It's a really weak morning, even by Bizarre standards, today - although the photo of Peaches Geldof from the Agent Provocateur ad is worth a look, because if this is the shot they're using from the shoot what on earth must the rest have been like? Perhaps it's a challenge from the next Britain's Top Model, in place of the usual 'have your photo taken with an uncontrollable snake or something' one.

Meanwhile, though, Mitch Winehouse has "promised" that Amy is now going to take a break after an underwhelming show at Bestival. The online version of the report is titled (although not headlined):

Fans want sick Amy Winehouse to take a break

- but Gordon offers not even a made-up quote to support that contention. He, however, does call for her to have some sort of a rest:
Amy is an incredible talent whose live performances were spellbinding before she went into freefall.

I hope I don’t see her sing again until her health has improved and she can recapture that form.

Of course, it's much better for the Sun if she stays at home in Camden falling over - much easier and cheaper to cover than having to send someone to follow her round the festivals and concert halls of Europe.