Monday, September 08, 2008

It's like someone's fitted an inspection panel into Ne-Yo's skull, and we're all invited to have a poke about

Ne-Yo has a new album - Year Of The Gentleman - which is even now being lovingly clad in plastic ready for sale.

To help ease the time until release, Ne-Yo is filling the ten days blogging the songs and explaining the meanings behind them. And going all interactive:

I’m going to break down the meaning behind the other 10 songs on the record, of course excluding what you’ve already heard, “closer” and “Ms. Independent”. I feel that this’ll help you all get a better understanding of what the songs are, why I wrote them the way I did, the inspirations behind them, while at the same time letting you a lil’ further into the mind of yours truly.

Blimey. That's quite an offer, don't you think?

So, Ne-Yo kicks off with an explanation of Nobody:
This song is more about the FEEL of the record as oppose to it being so much about the lyrics.

I'm sorry? It's a song that isn't actually a song, but somehow the sense of touch?
It depicts a woman, sexy, strong, sexy, a lil’ dangerous…….did I mention sexy……??

Is it Faith from Buffy? Is it? It is, isn't it?
The kind of woman the steps on the floor in the club and all the fellas want it, all the ladies wanna be it. Know what I mean??

A woman the steps on the floor? No, to be honest, I don't know what you mean. It might be a typo, although the use of "it" suggests the rest of the sentence is referring to the floor rather than the woman - "I really want to be that floor..." "Yes, indeed - ever since that sexy dangerous sexy woman the stepped on the floor, I've been admiring the parquet..."
The track is very much early MJ, very much sounding like it came straight outta the sessions for the “Off The Wall” album.

It's quite refreshing for the artist to offer the slaggy, "pale imitation of a thirty year old record" review, isn't it?
This song is my MJ tribute song. I always do at least one, every album. Can you pick out the ones from the last two albums??

See? Interactivity there. If you can pick the songs, why not draw a picture of Ne-Yo dressed up as Michael Jackson making the songs? You can use paints, crayons, or coloured pencils - anything you like - to make the drawing.

So, effectively, then, Ne-Yo's revelation is "this song sounds a bit like a Mickey Jackson knock-off and it's about a hot woman". Thanks for that insight, Ne-Yo.