Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Metallica: It sounds alright to us

The grinding complaints and counter-complaints about the quality of the sound of the Metallica album continues. Now Lars Ulrich has waded in, telling people who've complained they should ignore the evidence of their own ears and accept that they're wrong:

Rick Rubin's whole thing is to try and get it to sound lively, to get it (to) sound loud, to get it to sound exciting, to get it to jump out of the speakers. Of course, I've heard that there are a few people complaining. But I've been listening to it the last couple of days in my car, and it sounds fuckin' smokin.

Isn't the heart of the complaints that it doesn't sound exciting?

Still, Lars can't ignore the complaints from the fans. There has to be a reason for them, right? Hey... you don't suppose it's your old nemesis The Internet, do you, Lars?
"The difference between back then and now is the internet. The internet gives everybody a voice, and the Internet has a tendency to give the complainers a louder voice."

How much happier we all were when people who had complaints had no voice and had to just shut up and swallow it down, eh, Ulrich?


Olive said...

Out of curiosity I listened to the album over the weekend. The haters are right; it has the tonal dynamics of a chainsaw. This is *not* a good thing, Mr Rubin.

Anonymous said...

Well I played it to friggin' death 'over the weekend', and its 'tonal dynamics' sounded pretty fucking good to me...also the songs were excellent, but then its metal, isnt it? Not Chamber music. The Harpsichord seemed just light and trebly enough...

I suggest one adjusts ones Bang and Olufsen....and put What Hi-Fi down for a second and LISTEN to the music....

Olive said...


When the tinnitus dies down, play '...And Justice For All', then tell tell me which album sounds like an cement mixer's outgoing ansaphone message.

Anonymous said...

If you prefer AJFA's tik-pok drum sound then maybe you aren't such the searing audiophile you think you are...

May the Lords gracious bounty envelope you, too...

Now, hows the eq's set for Harmony Corruption? Those Napalm Death boys are so unforgiving at the top end....

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