Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Oasis fans take matters into their own hands

As Oasis pull tonight's gig in London, Canadan to allow Noel some more time to get over his injuries and rebuild his wounded pride, Oasis "fans" are busily responding to the attack by - well, let's not use the word "vigilante", as it's so ugly, isn't it?

At the same time, angry Oasis fans have issued "Wanted: Dead or Alive" calls on [Daniel] Sullivan, and have even printed his home address, phone number and a map of where he lives on fan forums.

Yes. Dead or alive. Why isn't summary execution allowed for shoving a bloke over? Political correctness gone mad, isn't it?

Sullivan has been charged with assault while organisers of the V Festival try to work out how things went so wrong:
In an interview with The Ampersand, Virgin spokesperson Nathan Rosenberg says Sullivan somehow evaded security, and that he wasn't someone who had a backstage pass.

"Somehow evaded security", huh? Do you think? I do like the implication that there is some sort of backstage pass which would allow you to push the bands over.


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