Sunday, October 05, 2008

Bidding for Katherine Jenkins

You'd have thought even the Mail On Sunday would know that a story about "record chiefs in multi-million pound bidding wars" are usually all cod.

Even more so when the artist is from the less-cash-rich classical market. But the paper is convinced that Universal and Warners are talking in the mulit-millions to secure her services.

The readers of the paper might wonder what the magical extra that Jenkins offers is, that so much money might be flung at her. Why is she famous?

Luckily, the paper can explain that quite simply:

She shot to fame after she was featured on a Mail on Sunday CD

Nothing to do with all those years training, or the TV appearances. It's because she cropped up on a freebie with a Sunday paper.

Still, how thrilling for the paper to have created its very own superstar. They must be very proud.

Not so proud that they know how to spell her name, but proud nevertheless.