Thursday, October 02, 2008

Courtney's corrections and clarifications

Whatever else you can say about that artist's plans to smoke Kurt Cobain, she's managed to smoke out something else.

Like a denial that his ashes were ever taken in the first place:

Love's representative Alan Nierob has now retracted Love's previous comments, claiming Cobain's remains "were never taken" and that the story of the burglary had been "erroneously reported", according to

To be fair, anyone who believes anything they read in Courtney Love's blog probably doesn't bother with the news and just waits for the stories to turn up on Wikipedia, but you've got to love the diplomatic way that Nierob attempts to frame an admission that his employer wasn't exactly posting live from reality the day she told that story? It's not that Love just stuck a bunch of horsefeathers on the internet, it was that the phrase "I can't believe anyone would take Kurt's ashes from me" was erroneously reported by other people.

It's not a million miles from the Republican defence of Sarah Palin's inability to answer a question without making a hash of things as suggesting that the fault lay with the question, and not with the candidate.