Sunday, October 05, 2008

Did I just hear that correctly?

The Times is giving away albums every day this week - including The Jesus And Mary Chain. It's meant to be a promotion built around the records that every collection should have - although, surely, if a Times reader has no Mary Chain in their collection it could be because the right-wing press didn't exactly embrace the band during their first flush of fame.


Anonymous said...

The Uselessness and Irrelevance of Rock Music In The Year 2008, Part 53,546

Anonymous said...

Love: Forever Changes

"One of rock's overlooked masterpieces, this third album by the band led by inscrutable singer-songwriter, Arthur Lee, sounds as fresh and innovative today as it did in 1968."

Yes "overlooked" but that will be remedied not by 40 years of glowing reviews, inclusion on practically all best album ever lists, countless re-releases (each with glowing reviews) or touring the album 35 years afterwards. No it will be by The Times - The Saviours of Music!

I suppose this sort of thing is just another way for the right-wing press to grumble "everything was better in them olden days" in a slightly cooler fashion. Nevermind the contradictions in including various albums at odds with their political opinions.

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