Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Dotmusic Awards roll round again

Of course, they're not called the Dotmusic awards any more - if you're going to fund a pointless awards ceremony, you might as well not use them to promote a defunct website. So, now they're the BT Digital Music Awards, and somehow celebrate something or other different from all those other awards:

"The music industry is continuing to evolve, with artists and record companies seeking new ways to communicate with fans digitally," said BT's Matthew Dearden.

"The BT Digital Music Awards recognises the artists and those in the industry, both established and up and coming, who are delivering the best in cutting-edge digital music entertainment."

It must be frustrating for those artists who still only record on analogue machines, restrict their releases to vinyl and only use hand-written fliers to promote their gigs. They must feel so excluded.

So, who have BT judged to be the cutting-edge digital artists?
[Kylie] Minogue was awarded best pop artist and best innovation for the Kylie Konnect site, which allows her fans to create their own profiles on it.

Radiohead were crowned artists of the year and Coldplay won best rock/indie artist and best official music website.

Thank god someone is giving this innovative new acts the kudos they deserve. Without the power of digital marketing, Kylie wouldn't stand a chance, crowded out by the likes of the Monkey Swallows The Universe.


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