Friday, October 03, 2008

Kid Rock goes digital

The unabomber of pop, Kid Rock, has finally struck a deal to sell his music online - but only because Real Networks have agreed that Rhapsody customers will be forced to buy the tracks they want bundled with a bunch of filler - the "only whole albums" injunction.

I'm hoping Rhapsody tries to run an ad which makes a virtue of this: "Why buy only the tracks you want? Come to Rhapsody and pay for the ones you'll never listen to, too".

“The real issue here is flexibility in terms of artists being able to do what they want,” said Ken Levitan, the singer’s manager.

Call me old fashioned, but shouldn't the people who are picking up the tab be calling the shots? Would anyone want to eat in a restaurant where the manager was saying "the waiters will bring you food according to what they think you should be eating?"