Monday, November 10, 2008

Franz Ferdinand not going all Damon Albarn on us

Talking to Drowned In Sound, Nick McCarthy distances Franz Ferdinand from tales that they've gone all Eno collaboration on us and slapped an approximation of an "African" sound on us:

I'm not actually sure where the African thing came from. The album's not like that, anyway! I think it was because we played an African Express gig in Liverpool and someone got the idea from that that we'd be doing a load of African music. There's a couple of songs, one for sure, that's got an Afro-Carribean, 6/8 feel to it... we've listened to a lot of African music and taken some things from it, but it's not an African record. We're from Glasgow, you know?

Well, yes, but on the other hand Lily Allen's hardly from Kingston Town, is she? Doesn't stop her from trying to sound like UB40...