Friday, November 14, 2008

Gennaro Castaldo Watch: S Club 1

While Jo O'Meara is being bottled off, Rachel Stevens is being voted in, doing quite nicely on Strictly Come Dancing considering. The Daily Mail seems to think this might be some sort of character fault, although to judge by the long, catty, knocking piece this morning, we're suspecting that she's turned down an interview with them.

Still, the Mail is an enquiring mind, and wants to know why - despite all the sexy pictures of Stevens with which it illustrates its piece - why her career stalled. Who can explain such things?

HMV's head of talking, Gennaro Castaldo of course. Gennaro, why did Rachel Stevens fail?

'Her music career started incredibly strongly, but then she started to branch out into different areas and that was a mistake,' says HMV's Gennaro Castaldo. 'She spread her profile out too thinly, instead of focusing on making her music career a success.'

Yes, that non-speaking thirty seconds in Deuce Bigelow: Male Gigolo II really saw her taking her eye off the ball from putting out a record every six months.

Other people might think that Stevens was aware that her musical career was probably going to be a limited run at best, and tried to actually find something else to do. But not Gennaro - he knows she could have been the British Madonna had she not wasted her time doing that spectacles advert...


Anonymous said...

"but then she started to branch out into different areas and that was a mistake"

Ah the old "stick to what you're good at" line. Interesting that he suggest focusing on music rather than say modelling. I suspect I know which she would be better sticking at. (In fairness, I actually quite liked Some Girls.)

Actually now I think about, isn't it interesting that some people are suggesting that S Club 7 were a musical act as opposed to a spin-off from a kids tv show. Don't Stop might have been great but they were hardly The Monkees (though thankfully better than North & South). I mean wasn't music the area that they branched out into? What I guess I'm saying is what on earth is Castaldo on about? How is her branching out any different from the acting/singing of before? Who thought any of the members of the group would be getting any attention now? Does anyone honestly believe there was any more life in this? Why the hell am I typing rubbish about S Club 7 whilst listening to Roy Harper?

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

It's a bit rich of Castaldo - spokesperson for a chain which has desperately been trying to reinvent itself as a hang out for young gaming dudes instead of being a record shop - to advise people to stick to what they're good at, come to think of it.

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