Friday, November 14, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Rapid comebacks

It's worth keeping an eye on Gordon Smart's Bizarre column to be first with the news, you know. Alongside a piece that hints that Blur might get back together - something that hasn't been the subject of a million pieces of coverage in the last week all over the net - is a report that Ultravox are reuniting. Which was announced over a week ago. I can only presume it's taken so long to make it to Smart's column as it has taken a while for the completion of the diligent fact-checking for which Gordon is known.

Still, Gordo does have a decent story about Girls Aloud being set-up to perform as part of the Pet Shop Boys coronation as 'band to satisfy ITV's regular audience by reminding them of their kids' youth' in next year's Brits:

The PET SHOP BOYS, to be honoured with an Outstanding Contribution gong, want them to help perform What Have I Done To Deserve This?

Wouldn’t West End Girls Aloud be more appropriate?

It's been apparent from Gordon's writing that his sense of humour might not function like normal people's, but does he really not see why picking up a lifetime achievement award by playing What Have I Done To Deserve This is witty enough on its own?