Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gennaro Castaldo Watch: The silver linings

With Woolworths crashing down and screwing up Zavvi's distribution, it's no surprise that Gennaro Castaldo, comment-priest of HMV, is looking for the joy amongst the gloom:

Gennaro Castaldo, of HMV, said: “All things Mamma Mia! were going to be huge this Christmas anyway — especially the DVD — but, with all the doom and gloom around right now, you get half a feeling that a lot more of us may turn to the sunny optimism of Abba’s music.”

Oh, yes, who wouldn't want to try and cheer themselves up with the optimism of One Of Us, or Knowing Me Knowing You or even The Winner Takes It All. It's dancealongadivorcetastic, Gennaro.


Anonymous said...

I saw an tv advert for the dvd the other day that stated that the film was "the most feel-good film ever". I'm not quite sure about their grammar but I'm definitely sure about their facts. Is watching a bunch of actors, who've seen better days, performing seventies karaoke renditions of something like The Winner Takes It All really "feel good"? Isn't that actually more fitting of the sad old lonely divorcee at last orders on a Saturday night in a dingy old pub making a poor drunken jukebox-singalong decision? That being said, I suppose large quantities of people seem to have decided that watching vulnerable kids on telly getting abuse shouted at them just because they're not particularly good at karaoke constitutes quality Saturday evening television.

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