Saturday, November 29, 2008

Take That saved for a grateful nation

The collapse of Woolworths had thrown a ghastly shadow over Britain - as the biggest distributor of impulse-buy records to UK supermarkets, it could mean that the grudging racks of CDs provided by Asda and the like could run dry.

Into this crisis, the record companies have marched, kind of like the magnificent seven, organising alternative deliveries of Take That's new release and Britney's album:

A spokesman for Asda said new deliveries had been organised, adding that customers "won't notice a thing".

"We are pushing ahead with a planned national poster campaign for a new range of DVD box sets, and can reassure fans of Take That that we will have their new album in store from Monday," he said.

So, your evil plan fails again, Robbie Williams - you won't stop people getting their hands on the new Take That record.


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