Tuesday, November 25, 2008

McCartney: It's not quite an endorsement for copyright theft

Legal experts are stressing that Paul McCartney's vague words on downloading doesn't mean you can download The White Album for nothing:

He observed download culture to be a little “weird” to him, saying, “I’m not from that. I’m from going into a shop and buying a 45. We’ve come through vinyl, tapes and CDs – it’s all the same, except people don’t pay for it [now]. I don’t mind. It works out.”

That's more or less what the world has been telling the BPI and the RIAA for years now, but nobody seems to listen, Paul.
He explained that while he doesn’t download illegally himself, he was tempted to buy Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’ for a penny, but only so he could tell his mates he’d paid much more.

Well, yes, Paul. I expect otherwise your friends might not know you're suckling-pig rich. Unless... you don't think he was going to try and tell Heather he'd spent his entire fortune on a download of In Rainbows, do you?