Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More Paramore

Paramore aren't just pretty faces, you know. Or three pretty faces and the other bloke. Oh, no: they're a proper band, and they're working hard on their next record. Josh Farro has been talking about the process:

''We have anywhere from eight to 10 musical ideas. They’re all pretty much just music; I think Hayley’s got some lyrics somewhere and bits of melody that she sings along to whenever we’re sound-checking a song. For the most part, it’s really early on.''

As many as ten ideas, but certainly not fewer than eight. That's almost enough ideas for an album. More or less. Don't run away with the idea that the band are flapping about without a clue what to do now, oh no:
'I think there’s gonna be more of a dynamic on this record than the last one, the last one was pretty straightforward the whole time. We wanna try and expand and try different genres of music in a way that still keeps it Paramore. It’ll be a tricky one, but I think we’ve got some really cool songs, like we’ve got an acoustic song that Taylor and I wrote and it doesn’t sound anything like Paramore, but I think that’s kinda good.'

Aha. A record with more of a dynamic on. That's great news - who wants a record with less of a dynamic? If I had one major criticism of Paramore, it was the low-level of dynamics on the album. But thank God - praise the very toes of the Lord himself - that they're adding on these increased dynamic levels while still making sound like Paramore, and simultaneously not sounding like Paramore at all.