Friday, November 07, 2008

Music industry sued by Hall, Oates for not suing

Given that most music companies can't help themselves for firing off legal complaints, it's something of a surprise to discover that Warner/Chappell publishing didn't bother to spew out a writ when someone did an unauthorised cover of Maneater. Now, as if to demonstrate how no good deed goes unpunished, Hall And Oates are suing Warner/Chappell for not protecting their copyright. W/C say they'll defend themselves "vigorously"; it's not known if they'll be able to explain why they are and their sister companies are quite happy to pursue to the full extent of the law, say, mechanics whose radios might be audible to the public, but don't actually seem that arsed by more open-and-shut copyright 'theft'.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking - surly this has to be for a SAMPLE, rather than a cover?

My understanding WAS that "covers" are basically fair-game, as long as you have paid the statutory royalty.

But... it turns out it is a bit more complicated that that.

There is an article that covers it here:

So... it COULD be for a cover after all!

Anonymous said...

Quite frankly if I came across a band who covered Hall & Oates I'd probably want them charged with something or other... Perhaps Hall & Oates themselves have finally come to the conclusion that they should protect the world from their horrible pasts.

Anonymous said...

If they don't get money for covers and the like then how can anyone expect them to be able to afford shades?

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think it's Hall and Oates who should be sued for have the bad taste in writing Maneater.

Anonymous said...

I don't care WHO sings Maneater. Whenever I hear that song, I immediately douche my ears out with peroxide.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell are Hall and Oates?

Anonymous said...

Hall and Oates are two gay guys who wrote and performed Baby Come Baby and the atrocity that is Maneater.

Anonymous said...

Daryl Hall and John Oates aren't gay but Daryl certainly does nothing to dispel those rumours with his sly comments in interviews and photos he's taken with John. I don't think he cares if people think that he, or both of them are gay. I don't think the gay rumours bother Hall and Oates because they aren't homophobes.

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