Sunday, November 09, 2008

Rav is dead; long live... erm, XS

A historic day, then, as Rav Singh finally limps away from the News Of The World, being replaced by - oh, lord - Celeb XS with Dan Wootton. No, they really have called it Celeb XS, like some sort of teen-aimed deodorant.

Dan, of course, can't help marking this historic occasion with a welcoming blog entry:

Hi, and thanks for coming to check out Celeb XS.. I hope you like it!

Every day I'll be updating this blog with the best celebrity stories from all over the world. If it happens, it'll be here!

So make sure you bookmark this page and come back every day for a bundle of exclusive showbiz stories.

It's not clear how many constitutes a "bundle", nor what level of story is considered so important as to be published straight away rather than waiting for Sunday's paper - something less earth-shattering than 'Peaches to divorce', presumably.

You might have thought that in 2008, rather than suggesting 'bookmarking' you might make an RSS feed available, but apparently not. Indeed, Dan is still getting to grips with concepts of links:
On the top left there are links to some of my favourite sites on the net. Go check them out - they're brilliant too!

Included is Sky Showbiz, Gordon Smart, Perez Hilton and Popbitch - so, a surprising collection of websites, there. Do you suppose Dan was really thinking 'hey, I'll tell them about the TMZ site - that'll blow their minds'?
And up on the top right are you can click to watch my latest Celeb XS Uncut video - with some hilarious stuff from Amy, Becks and Jordan!

Does anyone else find the word 'hilarious' - when self-applied - to be a warning on a par with a person wearing a hat with a whirring propeller on the top?

Dan Woot! Woot! Wootton also includes a feature called "Carcrash", where people are being encouraged to send in sneaky shots of famous people. I imagine he's chosen the name for the section as a tribute to Princess Diana.


Anonymous said...

Is it a good idea for the column to offer links to Popbitch, Perez Hilton etc, bearing in mind that, in the past, the NOTW have been known to publish showbiz 'exclusives' which had first appeared on those sites several days earlier? Isn't it a bit like the old subscription-based Friends Reunited offering a link to Facebook?

Still, it was a nice bit of web nostalgia. Remember the early days of personal websites (usually on Geocities) which included lists of 'Cool Links' for such elusive sites as Yahoo and Lycos? Considering the constantly-updating nature of blogs, I hope Dan's thought to include a nice animated 'Under Construction' graphic.

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