Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rod Lucas: I'm not a Nazi

Rod Lucas - the occasional TalkSport presenter whose name turned up on the BNP membership list has issued an explanation: he was being investigative and journalistic:

Rod says "I mentioned during my broadcasts at the time, my intentions of joining and charted the progress on air and dually signed to the BNP 2004/2005 for 1 year only. I used my real name and profession as a radio journalist/production. It was no secret to my listeners.

In making investigative programming sometimes programme makers have to probe a little deeper in order to get some real facts about operations. Via the membership newsletter I was given access to membership meetings and their private on-line forum - not for public consumption. A lot of what I saw and read was no worse than opinions expressed on freely available public forums. We wanted to make a fair and balanced programme on the inside & organisation of the BNP.

For the record I'm also a member of other political parties and pressure groups right across the spectrum in my capacity as a radio news & current affairs presenter/producer.

Well, joining everything is one way to ensure you're balanced, I guess.