Thursday, November 06, 2008

Roses bloom without May

During the long, long birth of Chinese Democracy - as part of the throwing of everything at the wall stage - Brian May stepped down from his traditional perch on the roof of Buckingham Palace to record some bits.

May's work, recorded back in 1999, hasn't made the final cut. May, for once, isn't raging, but quietly accepting of his fate, blogging:

Well, it is a shame, perhaps ... I did put quite a lot of work in, and was proud of it.

But I could understand if Axl wants to have an album which reflects the work of the members of the band as it is, right now.

I do have mixes of the tracks with my guitar on, work tapes at the time, but they will remain private, out of respect for Axl.

That would be mutual respect, of the sort where you don't bother to tell someone that you've dumped their work from an album and leave it to someone sneaking a peek at the credits on an early copy of the artwork, of course.


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