Friday, November 07, 2008


In words that will, I suspect, cause less than no fear in the offices of Apple, MySpace's Chris DeWolfe has hinted that, you know, the high design quality brought by MySpace to the web could be applied to producing one of those elusive beasts, an iPod killer:

[H]e also intimated that the social network could have an even bigger target in its sights – Apple, the company behind the massively successful iPod. Asked whether the company would consider making its own MP3 player to build on its reputation in online music, DeWolfe replied cryptically that "it's possible".

To be fair, this is less a sign that Everyone's friend Tom is busily trying to work out how to put glittery unicorn stickers onto a Walkman than DeWolfe just attempting to be enigmatic, but if I was the manufacturer of any sort of mp3 player, I'd be calling uncle Rupert and asking if he'd fancy slapping his ugly logo on one of my unloved machines.