Sunday, November 23, 2008

Superdrag return

Seriously, we are as excited as anyone that Superdrag are about to give us an album - Industry Giants. It's out in March next year, and features the classic Superdrag line-up.

But, as my Dad used to say "a good wine needs no bushel" and a new Superdrag album doesn't really need an overwritten press release. Like one that opens with this:

The Superdrag reunion was the talk of 2007, their performances at Bonnaroo and Monolith were the talk of 2008, and 2009 will be the year of Industry Giants, the new album from Knoxville’s favorite sons Superdrag. Industry Giants will be the first studio album by the reunited line-up of Coffey, Davis, Fisher, and Pappas since ‘98’s Head Trip In Every Key.

The reunion was the talk of 2007? Amongst Superdrag fans, perhaps, but Sky would have trouble finding a brace of comedians or commentators to fill five minutes on "The Pop Years: 2007" for a Superdrag reunion segment. Let's not oversell the band and end up looking ridiculous, huh?