Wednesday, November 26, 2008

That's great, Matt Belamy, but you could just do 'good' instead

Are Muse shifting from being challenging to, well, just becoming show offs?:

The trio also revealed that the album could feature the "hardest song" frontman Matt Bellamy has ever written.

"There is a new song in three parts, more of a symphony than a song, which I have been working on sporadically for many years," said the singer, answering another question. "As a large percentage of the composition is orchestral, I have never wanted to collaborate with a string arranger as they may make it 'theirs'. So I have been arranging the orchestral elements myself, which is taking a long time. It should hopefully make the next album as the final three tracks."

To play the track live, concluded Bellamy, he will have to clone himself a minimum of six times - and he intends to do that for himself, too, as these Korean cloning labs always want to mix in a bit of their own DNA.