Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We7 goes free

We7's free, streaming ad-supported service has launched, bringing cost-free-ish music to a UK audience.

Is this an iTunes killer?

Nope. As most tracks display a prominent 'Buy from iTunes' button.

Currently, the British public are using the system to stream that X Factor song the most, which seems like getting a fabulous toy and deciding to play with scat instead.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the post, just wanted to clarify the iTunes buy button feature: While there are many tracks already available to buy from the We7 Store, we are awaiting delivery of some MP3 versions of tracks which we will make available as and when we recieve them, at which point the iTunes links will be replaced by links to buy the tracks from our own store.

We7 has the rights to stream and sell MP3 tracks from all of our licensors.

Steve Purdham
CEO - We7

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