Friday, December 12, 2008

New Order: And to think George Michael got ribbed over his shorts

There is absolutely no news-related reason to post this, it's here purely for its own glory. New Order, stuck in Radio One studios playing Blue Monday live for TV (see, 6Music Hub, filming bands playing live for the radio isn't all that cutting-edge). But please note, don't ring the number for the video vote - lines are closed, and you may be charged for the call:


Anonymous said...

Excellent singing by Bernard Sumner there:
"Shall I sing high or low? I know - I'll do both!"

Anonymous said...

I happened to catch some of the Paul Weller/Adele 6musichubthingy the other day and was complaining about the pointlessly over-the-top fancy camera work (out-of-focus close-ups of the bottom of half the side of an off-stage mic stand sort of thing) which all looks very pretty but isn't really all that necessary as you probably just want to see the performance and you probably wouldn't see that at an actual gig (unless, of course, you were really drunk, on the floor, staring at a mic stand). Now that I see this I remember that it used to be enough just to cut to the awkward face-for-radio guys in the control room wearing red-belts. It's hard to see which I prefer. Perhaps the more modern route works better as it was distracting enough for me not to actually have to pay attention to Paul Weller or Adele.

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