Saturday, January 10, 2009

Courtney Love - voice of reason

Who can argue with Courtney's new blog post?

i am not MAD at kelly rippa fpr gpds sake,. ' ihave okay once more,i have 98 pages pf akas,. and one of them is kelly ripa spelled in avariety of ways each one of the variances reveals a new set of addresses, kelly w ripa , kelly m conseulas, kelly IPA thats just one i thougt was funny, so ill be respinsible and send her her akas i dont quite get what it all means but hey im just a lil ole rock singer and whoever did my audio blog your a genius, except the burp[ing, cork

You'd certainly have to admit she's got a point, right?

The wonder of the internet - twenty years ago, even if you got drunk enough to come up with that sort of insight, you'd probably have been taken off the streets before you'd got past sharing "I am not MAD..."