Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gordon in the morning: No That? Can't be right

Gordon Smart is not a happy man this morning, and it's the Brit nominations which have upset him.

Specifically, the "snub" handed out to Take That. And he might have a point - it's not a snub, really, because they're in the running for Best British Band - but it seems, at first glance, to be rather odd. Gordon fumes:

I’m baffled.

The Circus sold a million copies faster than any other album so far this millennium.

It deserves recognition way ahead of THE TING TINGS, who are up for Best Album.

Of course, Gordon will have carefully checked the cut-off date for inclusion in the Best Album category before fuming like this, won't he? After all, in previous years, to qualify for Best Album for any particular year has had a cut-off date of the end of November, and Circus was released on December 1st. But Gordon wouldn't be making himself look stupid by fuming about a snub to an album because it wasn't nominated for an award it didn't qualify for, would he?