Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jay Z believes he can fly

While, obviously, it's an exciting and historic day, are MTV really dropping their critical faculties so low when they get excited about Jay-Z's line in Young Jeezy's My President?

he borrowed heartily from a message about Barack Obama that had been circulating on e-mail chains for some time. Jay, of course, managed to make the saying all his own.

"Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther could walk/ Martin Luther walked so Barack Obama could run/ Barack Obama ran so all the children could fly," he raps on the track, which he debuted Sunday at Love nightclub in Washington, D.C. "So I'mma spread my wings/ You could meet me in the sky."

Jay Z then "explains" these lyrics to MTV. Now, they do acknowledge that it's just a couple of words tacked on to an email forward, but don't seem to let that stop their fawning over Mr. Z for being ever so clever.

"It's lucky" chuckles Jay-Z, "as the original draft I wrote I'd left in the 'this email is intended for the named recipient only/ if you have received in error please destroy and/ notify the sender' piece, and that just wasn't scanning properly."