Wednesday, January 21, 2009

MIDEM 2009 off by as much as a fifth

Having spent much of the weekend being patronised by the likes of Feargal Sharkey, it's not surprising that Gerd Leonhard spent much of his time wandering round Cannes laughing at the ashes of a once-great business:

Here in Cannes, France, at the annual MIDEM music industry conference, we have once again debated and contemplated (and wined and dined and smoked) for the last 5 days. We have noticed some 15-20% less attendance, empty restaurants and much-less-than-usual action in the exhibition halls - the music industry as we knew it is OVER. And good riddance. The organizers tried hard (and did well!) but you have to wonder: what are you (the industry) waiting for? Is it not time to VOTE FOR SERIOUS CHANGE in the music industry, and make that switch to an open, collaborative and mutually fruitful ecosystem? Like... now?

If the music industry will no longer send its top level staff for some winter sun on a French jolly, they might well be asking themselves what's the point of going on?