Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oxegen reveal headliners

Taking on board the criticism of an anonymous poster yesterday that the cynicism on this blog can become wearing, I'm going to approach the announcement of the headliners for the 2009 Oxegen Festival with nothing, nothing, but enthusiasm:

The Kings Of Leon!

The Killers!

Snow Patrol!

You'd certainly have to agree, there isn't another festival taking place at exactly the same time that could pull together that exact same line-up. And so many guitars, so many, many men with guitars.


PeterDee said...

Wow Oxegen must have pulled out all of the stops to get this diverse line up of white boys with guitars. I mean, these bands rarely play at festivals so to get them must be a triumph.

Martin Belam said...

I like this new faux enthusiasm approach. I think you should stage something like "Music Industry Optimism Week" where we all react with unrelenting joy at whatever they throw at us.

Anonymous said...

The Kings of Leon, The Killers AND Snow Patrol!!!!! Will they be performing all their hits? I can't wait to see them whilst enjoying a Heineken with my Dad. Last year was brilliant with R.E.M, The Verve and the Stereopho... NOOOOOO AAAAAAAGH I CAN'T MAINTAIN THE SARCASM ANYMORE.... MUST. FIND. COPY. OF. ONKA'S. BIG. MOKA. TO. DESTROY... there... now I'm better.

Anonymous said...

Why is it spelled Oxegen and not Oxygen? I've wondered this for a while.

Jack said...

Kings of Leon headlining for the second year running? that's pretty desperate.

Anonymous said...

Sponsored by Heineken - Hence Oxegen.

It used to be known as Wittness, when Guinness were sponsors.

This "Get the popular act to headline" thing is doomed to fail Every year, it'll be the Kings of Leon.

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