Friday, January 09, 2009

SanDisk talks up SlotMusic figures

Hey, who knew? SlotMusic is a hit, says the figures SanDisk released at CES:

During the time since its release, the SlotMusic version of Rihanna's ludicrously successful album Good Girl Gone Bad has accounted for six per cent of the album's total US sales.

Wow, that is pretty good - six per cent of sales of the Rihanna album on SlotMusic, huh?

Oh... hang on. Since its release. Which for the SlotMusic version was the 18th of November, 2008. Eighteen months or so after the original release of the record, an eighteen month period when, it's fair to say, massive sales of the record meant that pretty much anyone who liked the Rihanna record would have had a chance to pick up a CD.

So, looking at that sale the other way round, despite having the twin engines of appealing to those who like novelties and Rihanna completists, 94 per cent of purchasers of the record were shunning the SlotMusic version to pick up a record they'd already had a year and a half to buy in the way they eventually picked. Not that impressive at all, then, is it?
Of course, it doesn't help the selling of SlotmUsic any that WalMart's website seems convinced that it's a type of CD format.