Saturday, February 14, 2009

"... but when she pulled the mask off, it was Katy Perry..."

Doug passes on an email from the good people at Jive:

Step right up, step right up! Now's your chance to be the Ring Master of the Circus and have your best creative fan fiction turned into an official music video! That's right - your story could be used to create an official music video seen all over the world! Compete against Britney fans all around the world with your creative writing, imagination, and passion for Britney and one fan will be the ultimate winner. Good luck!

Elizabeth Wilkinson

JIVE Label Group

Good luck to you, Elizabeth. As Doug asked:
I just wonder if they realise just how, ahem, creative some fan fiction can be...

I've entered, but I'm not expecting to win - no matter how highly my story scores on passion and imagination, I'm not sure there'd be the budget available to buy enough blutac and training the koala and the salamander might prove a stumbling block.