Friday, February 13, 2009

Gabriel decides to sit down for an extra minute

Peter Gabriel has decided he won't play the Oscars, after all. He was - rather understandably - miffed to discover he was only going to get a sixty five second slot:

"We were originally hoping to perform," he said. "We'd assumed, as there are only three nominees, that the songs would be performed [in full. But the producers came in to revamp it as audience figures were falling off.

"One of the things they've decided to cut is the songs. So we've only been offered 65 seconds as part of a medley. So I've now decided to withdraw from the ceremony, but I'll still go along.

"I do think it's a bit unfortunate. I do think songwriters, even though they're a small part of the filmmaking process… we still work bloody hard and I think deserve a place in the ceremony as well.

"So I'm an old fart, and it's not going to do me any harm to make a little protest. But the ceremony will be fun and I'm looking forward to it."

In a bid to increase audiences, the 65 seconds originally planned for Gabriel will now be given to Owen Wilson to run around the stage in an amusing costume and suprising wig.