Monday, February 09, 2009

Kaiser Chiefs split? Nope, they're churning on

Last week, the Daily Star hinted that the Kaiser Chiefs might be about to split - and, despite nobody seeming to be very interested, the band have taken the opportunity to issue a statement denying any such thing:

"We're not usually ones to defend our patch, we don't need to, but just occasionally a time comes to speak up.

"What do we have to be devastated about? We're halfway though our most enjoyable and biggest tour of Europe, and couldn't be happier with the way it's going.

"Off With Their Heads is our favourite Kaiser Chiefs album to play live, we're proud of it. And it's done well, our third album in the UK to chart in the top two and 'Never Miss A Beat' went top five at a time when British indie bands don't seem able to do that anymore.

"It's sold over half a million albums and is still going, where's the doom and gloom in that? Not here. We thought we owed it to our fans to flag this one up, don't believe all you read!"

As the Quietus observes, it's strange to see a 'we're still going' statement which seems to be pointing to sales figures rather than creativity as the proof of the beating pulse. After all, there does then hang an unspoken "if we'd only shifted a couple of hundred thousand, then it'd be time to talk to Mr. Grankle to see if he was still holding our jobs open at the glue factory" to that statement.

And "charting in the top two"? "We have a consistent track record of not quite being number one" would make a fantastic slogan, wouldn't it?

Still, as the band say: they don't normally need to pipe up about their existence. But when the Daily Star starts to worry the fans, what can they do, eh?