Monday, February 09, 2009

Little Man Tate takes on the pirates

Skint have come up with a plan to protect the new Little Man Tate against the threat of illegal filesharers - by, erm, not letting anyone have the record before it goes on sale:

Little Man Tate’s I Am Alive comes with a ticket to the band’s headline show at Rotherham’s 4000 capacity Magna venue on the March 28. In an added bid to reduce bootlegging, the single will not be promoted to the radio or press until the day of its release.

Although the suspicion would have to be that all this would do is hold off the appearance of the album on the torrents until the day of release. And unless Skint know something suprising about the likely demographic make-up of LMT filesharers, would they really all be within traveling distance of Rotherham? Isn't this just going to stop Yorkshire piracy of the record?