Friday, February 20, 2009

Popobit: Kelly Groucutt

Former ELO bassist Kelly Groucutt suffered a fatal heart attack earlier this week.

Born Michael William Groucutt, he was recruited to the Electric Light Orchestra in 1974 after a spell in The Sight & Sound. The band were already doing well, and he took over as bassist in time for the band to tour Eldorado; his first studio work - which included vocals - came on 1975's Face The Music.

As with many long-running acts, money would eventually sour relations, and Groucott quit ELO after taking umbrage at royalty arrangements. After leaving in 1983, he embarked on a lawsuit against the band management and Jeff Lynne, securing an out-of-court settlement.

He then joined the dissident, Lynne-free ELO II and the subsequent, even more dissident The Orchestra; he had also been playing with a smaller band, Session 60.


Unknown said...

I created an online memorial in honor of Kelly. Please visit and leave your thoughts, prayers, memories, pictures, light a candle, etc. Thanks, we miss you Kelly!

Unknown said...

I have always been ELO's first and foremost fan over here in Kansas. I had the pleasure of seeing ELO several times and I appreciated Kelly's part in keeping the music going. I had the pleasure to met him and Mik Kaminski when they were in Kansas playing with the Orchestra.. I reconizied him before the show and was with my grandaughter and we went up to say Hello, he invited us to come around after the show and I was fortunate enough to have him autograph some things and have my picture taken with him. I will never forget his kindness, I felt like that 17 year old that I was when I first learned to love my ELO. I know he is playing up in heaven with the best of the angels.

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