Friday, March 06, 2009

Folding magazines: Depression deepens; No Depression shrinks

No Depression, the lovely alt-country magazine, stopped being a lovely magazine and turned itself into a cheaper online-only beast.

It turns out that it wasn't cheap enough, and now is remaking itself as... a... thing... of some sort:

On October 1, we launched While traffic to the website has been great and the response positive, we have determined that it is impossible to bring in enough revenue to support our basic business expenses, the largest chunk of that being the editorial budget. We have soldiered on for as long as we can, but are left with no choice but to discontinue the editorial budget at the present time.

It is with great sadness that we come to this decision, as our great stable of writers has helped us to create the voice and spirit of No Depression for thirteen years. It is our hope that a business model for online content providers will emerge in the future that will allow us to resume providing quality music journalism. We are committed to placing our complete archive (75 issues) online for all to enjoy and are in the process of that currently.

Like Fabchannel earlier today, you have to conclude there might be some wisdom in this sort-of-stasis, freezing yourself like Walt Disney in the hope that you can be thawed out and resumed when someone comes up with a cure for there not being enough money to support stuff.