Friday, March 06, 2009

Major video embedding disabled by YouTube's request

That official videos from the major labels on YouTube are useless, as you can't embed them, is something I've always assumed is the major's fault.

It turns out not, not entirely, as a deep throat has explained to MediaMemo:

I work at a major label and I’ve been told informally that embedding is disabled on our label’s YouTube clips because the deal terms negotiated with YouTube on our first licensing deal a couple years back demanded such large advance and per-stream payments that YouTube could only come close to the ad rates required to satisfy the terms by selling the advertising around the video, and not just on in-video overlays. So in the negotiation, YouTube told us only way we could get the terms we asked for was to disable the embedding on our videos.

Of course, the majors could have cut their cash demands, but chose not to - to the pain of their own digital marketing teams, who have seen their attempts to build artists through fan-sharing scuppered.


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